Gurdjieff Hastings

“To understand one must know oneself”

G.I.Gurdjieff (1870 – 1949) was born in Armenia and travelled widely in his youth searching for a meaning to life. In 1912 he arrived in Moscow bringing a new teaching that works directly with man as he finds himself.

The ideas brought by Gurdjieff are neither a religion nor a philosophy but a practical teaching to be lived. Direct experience in life verifies what he proposes and nothing needs to be believed or taken on trust before investigating for oneself.

Gurdjieff asks the questions : “Who am I?”  “Why am I here?” He says that Man is asleep, that he is not free, that everything in his life just happens. In order to escape this subjective world a profound transformation is needed through a gradual awakening to the reality of our situation.

Only as a group can these ideas be approached constructively and real understanding furthered. The Hastings Gurdjieff group meets every fortnight in a private meeting room situated five minutes walk from Hastings railway station. These meetings offer the opportunity to explore together the challenges this teaching poses to our established assumptions and attitudes to life through open exchanges about questions raised by members of the group.