Gurdjieff states that we ‘Do not remember ourselves’, that we live our lives ‘asleep’.
The potential of Awareness in the moment or the possible benefit of Attention paid to ourselves in what we do is hardly noticed.

Awakening is possible, but is directly linked to the practice of self observation in the moment. Observation of :
Our three fundamental centres or “brains”
The dual aspect of our psyche – Essence and Personality.
The multiple identities we inhabit within ourselves – to name the main areas.
All manifesting within our almost completely mechanical automatic existence.

‘As Above So Below’. ‘Everything is Material’.
A very small number of laws cause the huge complexity of Life.

The teaching describes the transformation of energies and the development of finer matter within the body.
Man has three kinds of food:
Food taken via the mouth.
Air breathed into the lungs
Impressions received via the senses of sight, sound, taste etc.

For development on this Path there is –
A need to find a Group in which to work and share our experiences sincerely.
An intention to establish a daily practice of searching for stillness within.
An on-going study of these ideas from relevant books and an exploration of them in everyday life.